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Handmade Nation DVD

I know I spoke about the book Handmade Nation here, although I really didn’t go into how much I loooooved the book. So when Bec from Little Shop Of… said she had limited copies of the documentary, I jumped. (pssst….she still has some copies left and you need this dvd).

I’m watching it through for the third time today. I cann’t get enough and I need to re-watch so I can jot down all the ideas and things I’m having. The director, Faythe Levine, is a bit of a craft idol - Faythe’s blog is here. You should check her out. I’m keen to meet Faythe when I am in New York in October - I’m also going to Boston and Providence so if anyone has any tips about MUST SEE craft and handmade stuff to check out, please let me know :)

The DVD is amazing. Apart from the insane amount of talent on display, these crafters really talk to my soul - the crafter in me. The very language of love - craft love. I am so unabashedly PROUD to be a crafter. I am deeply proud of the talent I am continually discovering here in Australia. Everytime I go to a market, I am blown away. If I could open my store TODAY and get all this talent into one place TODAY, I totally would. I can barely contain this enthusiasm. But I am sure you’ll agree, it’s important that when made’n’found the STORE opens, it needs to be fabulous and successful. That takes time, research and patience. 

I’m so not patient. That’s why I love watching knitters who don’t even have to watch their work. It totally fascinates me!!

On another note, I found extra curricular 2 underneath my stuff. I wish I could remember where I bought it - in Brisbane I am pretty sure. I was just looking at the website yesterday wishing I had a copy. Turns out I do! You can see my brain operates very quickly - too quickly most days - which is why I write stuff down! So now I have some reading to do. In my spare time. Spare time = rhetorical concept here at made’n’found!!!

OK - more to come later including market notices and I am finishing up an awesomeness article on crafty goddess Pip Lincolne…..stay tuned!

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