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Our new website is LIVE! Please adjust your favourites and get over there NOW and check it out - we think it’s pretty freakin’ cool!

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sorry to those who got spammed by my email - it got hacked. I’m working on fixing it now. I don’t know what happened.

My sincerest apologies!

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Zoom Made’n’Thornbury markets - TONIGHT (16 July) - should be fantastic!

Made’n’Thornbury markets - TONIGHT (16 July) - should be fantastic!

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Finders Keepers - MELBOURNE!

HUGE NEWS - Finders Keepers is coming to Melbourne! Check out their blog for all the details but it is October 9-10, 2010 at Shed 4, Docklands! You cannot miss this! QUICK! Go look!

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[Melbourne] Tim Burton and The Burton Club

I saw the Tim Burton Exhibition in New York last December and the folks who know me, know I’ve been gushing about it ever since. I went into it curious but not exactly a “fan”. I am now still 50/50 on his films but a complete convert to the imagination and creativity of this man - it is beyond inspiring and if I insisted that you see it, I couldn’t insist strongly enough. IT.IS.UNMISSABLE. It doesn’t matter if you’re into art. It doesn’t matter if you’re into film. You just have to be alive and interested in life to love it. 

Do yourself a favour and thanks to We Make Stuff Good for this great little blurb.

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Melbourne Etsy Street Team

The Melbourne Etsy Street Team is a go! Click the link to join the conversation and, if you have an Etsy store and live in Victoria, let me know your store name (via email) and you too can be a member! It’s friendly, relaxed and supportive!! Go on, what are you waiting for??

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A Very Important Announcement.

So made’n’found is not really about famous types (outside that Glee obsession I oft refer to) but this video of John Mayer made me laugh. You see, in case you are not vaguely sports interested, LeBron James, formerly of the Clevelend Cavaliers and now of the Miami Heat, just made this one hour special on TV in the States to announce his shift to Miami. For like, a hundred million dollars. No kidding. Who could spend that kind of money?

Anyway, as a Lakers fan, I thought it was all rather hilarious and ridiculous - dude has not won a championship ring. Our superstar, Kobe Bryant, has 4. Kobe aint having a TV special about that, y’all!

This is JM taking the piss. I think it’s pretty funny. Disappointing though - I wont be in NY to catch his show there. Bugger.

Non-art/craft post over :)

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Meet Me At Mikes

When made’n’found first began, I knew there was one Australian crafter that I HAD to interview. It took a little time in her busy schedule but here it is…

If you ask anyone in the Australian art and craft community to name the most influential identities on the scene, the name Pip Lincolne will often crop up.

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MARK it @ Fed Square

This cool market in The Atrium at Federation Square, Melbourne is on THIS SUNDAY 10am - 5pm. There are a range of awesome designers who you can buy from including Corky Saint Clair, Pigeonhole and Rabbit & the Duck

AND if you visit the website, make sure you sign up for email alerts to go into the draw for a $500 hamper at the November market!

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Lollipop Market - South Australia

Lollipop Markets is a new market starting in Adelaide - the first market is on November 14.

Lollipop showcases 100% handmade, unique and boutique items! Their Facebook page is here and on the Discussions tab there is a place to express your interest - otherwise email This is exciting for Adelaide and the talent already applying is awesome - so get on it now!

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